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Magnetic track lights should be how to install?Six advantages of magnetic track lights.
Time: 2023-02-24

Principle of Magnetic Track Light

The track light is a kind of light installed on a similar track, and the illumination angle can be adjusted at will. It is usually used as a spotlight where accent lighting is required. Traditional track lights generally consist of a track, a power box, and a lamp body. The power box is connected with the guide rail to facilitate adjustment of the position. The lamp body is pivotally connected to the power box to adjust the light-emitting angle. It is believed that the sliding connection structure between the power supply box and the guide rail is too complicated, difficult to disassemble and repair, and high cost. Therefore, a magnetic connection structure is designed, that is, a magnet is installed in the power box, and an iron piece is installed on the corresponding track to attract the magnet.

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